Created for those who change the course of the game. These rugby shoes are a dynamic platform for connectors and defenders who can tip the scales of victory in favor of their team. The wrap-around textile foot, braided upper provides breathable comfort, comfort and a sense of blockage in the shoe. A lightweight outsole for playing on soft surfaces guarantees maximum grip.

  • Standard cut
  • Asymmetrical lacing system
  • Woven, textile-leather upper; language from synthetic suede; Predator kick zone
  • Lightweight Predator Rugby outsole for explosive power on wet, natural grass surfaces
  • An increased heel facilitates dynamic foot placement
  • Feeling of softness; matching like in a sock
  • Peg key included; in order to ensure optimal adhesion and efficiency, the pins must be properly tightened; These shoes meet the standards and requirements of the International Rugby Federation
  • SKU : F36358

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